MIDNIGHT IN GIRONA (about determination and luck)

We are incredibly lucky to meet amazing people in our life, Elena y Pedro is one of the most recent examples.

There were so many reasons why this photo session could be canceled: busy weekend, tight work schedule, family affairs, you name it! But they were determined to do it so much and we have managed to achieve some great photos!!!

The only time we could meet was on Monday night in Girona, during the wonderful flower festival. At first, we were worried about the time. But after we saw the number of tourists during the day we realized that actually, the night photo shot is the only way to do some photos without other people on it!

It is inspiring to meet couples so in love after many years of being together!

No words are necessary to express those feelings. It is very easy to notice LOVE in the way how they look at each other, in the tenderness of each touch and energy you feel when you are around them.

The task of the photographer is to express it through photos, making special emphasis on the character of each couple and their unique charm.

With Elena and Pedro, we felt so much positive energy and adventurous spirit that we made them run around the city to transmit it ,) Thank you, guys, for accepting all the spontaneous ideas and for doing physical effort at midnight ,)

In the end, we have enjoyed midnight Girona just for us and fell in love with this city ❤  Sometimes things which seem to be unfortunate, result to be the best for you! Do not give up and keep trying!

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