Castle at Dawn

Hello! We were moving to Central Asia these past days and now we are back to business😎

Today we share these amazing photos we were lucky to take in Slovakia. It was a spontaneous trip, a long way, and a great result!

We went to meet colleagues from New Zealand @tintedphotography who have won countless awards and now are traveling around the world photographing couples in love at the most amazing scenarios🌏

It was a loooong trip (day train 14 hours + night in Lviv + train 6 hours + night in Uzhgorod + bus 3 hours) and when we finally arrived we were somewhat destroyed hahaha.  Funny thing is when we meet the guys there was an option to relax or to go at 4 in the morning to a 🏰 located not so far to take photos at dawn. We wanted it, but everyone secretly hoped that someone from the participants would say, “I do now want to go, I am very tired”😅

But since no one ever said that, we went🛣 When we saw the castle on the horizon, all the fatigue passed and was replaced by complete delight! Moreover, at the entrance to the castle in the fields, there were still haystacks so this created a magical medieval setting🎇Then we climbed one little hill that was opposite to the castle and the view was also outstanding!

So is fair to say that all that traveling and waking up was well worth it🔥

Conclusion: you have to fight with yourself sometimes, sometimes you feel tired, not in the mood or many other things. But if you continue moving forward the rewards are so great! 🌟✨🔥 You will see that all the efforts are worth it like we did that awesome morning!!!

Check the result, what you think?

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